2015 Flu Vaccine Information

Hello families! It's that time of year again! The seasons are changing and that means the flu virus will be on our doorstep within a couple of months. As always, the flu vaccine is strongly recommended for all American children aged 6 months and older - not just for those in daycare and school. And as always, all of the flu vaccines available in our offices are free of thimerosol.

Both offices are beginning to receive our orders of flu vaccines for both private and medicaid insurance. Please be aware the Flumist stock is not yet received for medicaid and there may be times when we are waiting for another shipment of vaccines in every category. We encourage every family to call us to schedule their child's flu vaccine and we appreciate your patience during the process!

Summer fun and safety!

Summer is finally almost here! All of us at First State Pediatrics wish you and your families a fun and safe summer. Don't forget to stock up on fresh sunscreen, check helmets for fit and for damage, check the play equipment for damage and wear, and talk to the kids about safe play including safety around the street and around water. Let's all try to enjoy a safe and injury free summer!

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